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December 30, 2007


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Lyn DwyerL

Oh Dawn this looks fabulous........can you come do mine now? ROTFL!

Cindy Hearty

Looks great !! I would love to purge, but I am too much of a bower bird...couldn't do it...LOL

I have a couple of favourite things. The biggest would be my new {old and refurbished by my DH} kitchen dresser, and the smallest would be my homemade {by my DH and my Dad} clip-it-up.


lovely area dawn - i've been going through my magazines lately -got rid of over 200 i'd had since 1999 !!!

my favourite storage idea is my plastic drawers - i have drawers for each colour - I LOVE it - so easy when you are trying to find something to suit your page - you just pull out the drawer and it is all at your fingertips - it was hard to set up - but well worth it in the end.


Oooo... I wish mine looked liked that - even for a few minutes LOL. I am such a messy crafter!

Favourite storage item in my room?ahhh...my plastic drawers I think. I have two sets on the second desk and two in the cupboard - they hold (or attempt to hold) a lot of my stuff. They aren't too deep that I lose things, but they are deep enough to be able to hold a lot of stuff!

TFS your space!

sandra mason

My favourite storage I have just purchased. I got a kaiser craft embellishment storage tray and altered it with some chocolate chalet papers over the weekend, it now holds my flowers and it holds a lot and there is still room for more. Which is good because I only have a little area to work with.

Jennie Outterson

That looks great. I would say my favorite storage is plastic drawers. Each one are themed. It has worked for me so far.

Christine Cleary

Wow this looks so organised, I can only dream of being this organised as each time I scrap it looks like a bomb has gone off.
Anyway my fav storage item is a bookcase that is actually 8 cubbyholes, I have diff items in each cubby ie papers in one, stamps and inks in another etc (well that's the idea anyway).

Kristin in OH

My favorite scrapbook storage that I have is probably my garage sale deal that I got for $1 last summer. It is an old wooden cassette rack. It probably would hold about 70+ cassettes, but instead of cassettes I use it to store my ink pads & it works perfectly. It is now wall-mounted, so my ink pads are easily accessible at all times. Happy New Year!


Oh i just love to be organized. My favorite storage item would be my scrapbooking cabinet. It is actually a computer armoire. I love it love it love it. Everything is right at my hand..and it all closes for when company comes..my "mess" is easily disguised as a beautiful cabinet :) Thanks so much for the chance to win.


Oh wow Dawn, looks lovely. 41 degrees sounds way too hot for me. Hope you and yours cope well.


That makes me want to organize something. :) My favorite organizing tool is an over the door shoe rack. It is made of mesh and I store all my scissors and things it it so they're easy to reach.


Oooh this looks fantastic Dawn - what a difference it has made. So what have you done with the cupboard where the hutch came from?

Beth Williams

That is really beautiful. I am working on cleaning up my area too-if I took a picture now it would scare you. I am totally into magnets. I bought a $1.00 cookie sheet, spray painted it and put a few pretties on it and than hung it on my peg board. Got a roll of magnetic tape and slapped it on the back of embellishment containers. I love it-I'm at that age where if I don't see it, I forget I have it.
I do have a shelf over my pegboard with jars of ribbon, flowers, and 2 gallon jars of foam stamps. Now I have to figure out something to do with stamp pads and my other stamps.
Have a very Happy and safe New Year!

Elie Smith

Dawn looks great love the whole look of the desk thats would give anyone who worked at insiration to scrap be thinking of the heat keep cool and safe have a great start to a new year

Debbie Buckland

Great area! Good for you for tidying up. I too need to tidy my space up and sort stuff out. lol I only did that a few days ago but it looks like a mess again! lol

Michelle Rogers

Could only dream of having that much space to scrap.. I have a tall set of draws top half of draws are small and perfect for stamps and the bottom half bigger which fit all my tools, it sits next to my table and makes finding all my tools and embellishments really easy...
Michelle R

Shirley Fyfe

This looks great Dawn! My favourite storage items would definitely be my fishing tackle boxes - clear ones with approx 15 compartments in each - they're great for charms, buttons, alphas, brads and so the neverending list goes on!

Elizabeth Munro

I'm in the middle of moving my scrap space... what a mess!!! Love how neat yours looks Dawn! My favourite storage item would have to be a tin that I altered and use for my pens.


WOW Dawn... Your space is impressive! I dont know how you can keep it looking like that and still produce such fantastic work!

My fave storage would have to be my plastic 12x12x12 box that holds a heap of 12x12 plastic zip lock bags with all my colour/design coded scraps! Makes them so easy to use/find!

Raewyn Aldridge

Your space looks beautiful.
My fave storage item is a 33 drawer unit (for nuts and bolts) which houses all my little embellishments in colour or type order.

Jenifer Cowles

My favorite is a huge pegboard that I have hooks on so I can hang everything. I tend to use it if I can see it.


Your desk looks great, my favourite storage item is my billy book case from Ikea, I have some tubs that go in the space so some hold my chipboard collection and paints, some of the spaces just have my collection of unmounted stamps (in clear plastic A4 paper holders) and others hold my ever growing collection of pizza box kits!

jacqui jones

while costly
i cant go past my clip it up

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