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December 30, 2007


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Christine Cleary

yes I agree, I think it is important to hand journal it shows more of yourself, ie what your handwriting is like, it shows a more personal touch.
I also think there is a time and place for computer journaling - like if there is a long story to tell.


It used to be the one thing I wouldn't put on my layouts - now you'll find a bit of 'me' on each one of them - even if it's only a date and name. I have never professed to having brilliant handwriting - but just like you, it's part of 'me'.

Dawn Stan

I agree Lyn. I don't like my handwriting but I always include in on all of my layouts somewhere. Even if I only write the place and date or something on the back of the layout.

Cindy Hearty

I don't mind hand journalling. I actually did a little bit (a few dates and a quote) in the acrylic album I made yesterday :)

I can cheat my hand journalling if I want to because I've had my handwriting made into a font. My Craft Robo also 'writes' with a pen instead of cutting with a blade, so I can literally write in my own handwriting with a pen, without sketching a single letter !

sandra mason

Me I do I do LOL, I only do hand journalling although I have done computer journalling once for a circle journal.

Lyn DwyerL

Cindy....that sounds so cool.....having your handwriting made into a font...what a clever little chickie you are girl!


Totally agree with you Lyn. I love handwriting on LO's. I don't really like my handwriting, but do a mixture of computer journaling and handwriting so I get a balance of seeing what I like, but leaving some of me too. Love your LO.

There are some people whose handwriting I LOVE and would love to have theirs made into a font. Dreaming away here. LOL.


I admire all of you that can confidently hand journal on your pages - this is awesome Lyn :)

Debbie Buckland

I always hand journal. Very rare that I leap on the computer to print out something. I hate my handwritting but its me. And everyone can see my style and my lack of spelling ability. lol I don't mind. Its me and thats how I am. ;)

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