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June 11, 2008


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And now that you have an answer, you can continue to live and love your lives and eachother. Thankyou for sharing your story with us Lusi, hugs to you all and best wishes for Elijah's future.

Lyn Dwyer

Lusi....you have such a warm and friendly heart and your willingness to share this with us all is just wonderful.....don't you love how scrapbooking and writing from the heart is such great therapy.....hugs to you and your family.....Elijah sure has wonderful loving and caring parents...there is something "special" about Autistic children....they really are a gift from God...they have so much love to give others....and they seem to have such wonderful insights that we can all learn from......

Dawn Stan

Big hugs Lus to you Brett and the family. I know it's such an emotional time. You and Brett are fantastic parents and Liji is so lucky to have you looking out for him. It's only onward and up from here.

You know Liji the best and you will be guided in the best way for him. Plese don't be bound by labels. Remember it's just a bump in the road. My motto and it worked for me 'One Day At A Time'.

Kim G

Hugs to you all Lusi at this difficult time. How wonderful for you to use your scrapbooking as therapy. Lyn and Dawn are both so right... Autistic children are just such special people and if you take 'One day at a time' you and your beautiful boy will find what works for you. We are all here for you Lusi.

Kim xx

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Lus i've got tears pouring down my face (again) for you all after reading this! You know that there is nothing that has changed about your gorgeous boy...he is the same Elijah that he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. An Elijah that we all love so much and who has so much to give. With your support you can teach him how to give it! Love you honey!

Debbie Buckland

Thanks for sharing your heart with us. A great layout too.


Thankyou for sharing with us Lusi. And what a handsome little man you have - and he is the same little man you had before the news and he will still be the same little man after your news. He is a special gift!!!
Please give him a big hug from me.
Maursie xoxo


Hey Lus, hugs to you and your family at the moment. You look like you are handling things really well, and being able to talk and express all those feelings will only make you feel better. Everyone else has said what I wanted to say...nothing is any different from yesterday...take care,

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