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September 26, 2008


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Patty W (2832)

I'll take the Cats by 21 points!

Go Cats !!! WOO HOO !

Marie Noske

Cats by 13 points.


I don't follow footy at all and wouldn't have the faintest idea, but my first instinct was to say THE CATS by 6 POINTS.


Actually we're one of very few non-footy households in Victoria, but I'm def. going for the Cats (sorry Wendy!!) I'd like to think it's going to be a nail bitter and give everyone a day to remember, so I'm going to guess 9 points difference in favour of the Cats :)


OK well from what I have heard it will be a close game so I say the Cats by 11 points.

Maursie xoxo


Hawks by 25. And I dont even understand the game LOL

Donna #4454

Oh I use to watch your type of football when we had ESPN and those pom poms are fantastic,the guys in shorts aren't to bad either LOL so I"ll say your cats will take them by 4 What a hoot!!! Thanks!!


I'll guess Hawks by 6 points.
Thanks for the chance.


Hawks by 29

Lyn Dwyer

woohoo.....loving all these guesses guys...keep them coming.......MIAOW!! I'm going to say "cats" by 21 points......

Robyn W

going with Wend on this one Hawks by 16

Christine C

No idea, but I like cats more than Hawks :) so lets go Cats by 18 (if that's even possible)lol.
Enjoy the game - go Warriors!!!


Cats by 14

Shirley Fyfe

Not that I support either team BUT I'll pick the Hawks by 13 points!

Laura Casey

Not sure since I'm a USA Football fan...and not even sure how different the games are but WHAT THE HECK....I love my cat, MAX...so I'll go with....

CATS by 27

Thanks ! Laura #1943

Lyn Dwyer


I love that some of you have no idea about the AFL Football but are still willing to have a guess.......fantastic......love Laura's reason why she chose her answer...and Nic.....he,he......even though she doesn't have a clue.......love it.....everyone is getting into that Grand Final Fever mode......yeh!

Still time to have a guess....


Hawks by 30 I hope they win DH is a fan of theres...and he sulks when his teams lose...lol :-)

Val Sellings

The Cats by 17 points ..... am a Bulldog fan myself .....supporting Cats tomorrow


I hope it's a close game, so the hawks by 5 points (sorry Lyn)


hmmmm, we follow the nrl up here in brissy (yet we are storm supporters!!) so I have no idea, but my guess is Geelong by 20.


Although I don't have a clue when it comes to sports, I'll take a wild guess ... Cats by 12 points. lol

Lyn Dwyer

good to see some International comments on here......I think this year's Grand Final will be closer than last year.....both teams have played well all season.....BRING IT ON!
M....I...A..O...W......!! GO CATS!

Anna D

ummmm I am going to say Hawks by 14pts. I also should add that I don't barrack for either of these teams...I'm a NBL fan - Go Wildcats! :-)


LOL Anna - I'm a Wildcats fan too!!!!!
Some of these comments are hillarious.
Good luck to both teams.
Maursie xoxo

Barb #2975

Cats will win by 7
Caaarn the Cats!

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