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October 19, 2008


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Anna D

If I were to send a photo of my scrap space you would understand why this book would be a necessity for me!

Debbie C

Wow this book would be the best. Both my sister-in-law and I are trying to organize, rearrange, clean up our scraprooms right now. I need to find a piece that I know is in my room somewhere but where oh where....


I really need to know how to use my scrapspace to the best potential.
I am normally a very organised person and I find it very frustrating that my scrapping space is not functional (I know it could be with a little help)


One only has to peek into my studio to know why I am in desperate need of organization. I have a very small space (8x9)with only 2 1/2 usable walls. My room is a mess! lol

mardi #2569

Would love this book to get more ideas on organization. TFS! Wish I could come to the Girls Night In!


This book would be so handy- I just can't seem to get my scraproom organised. You wouldn't believe how many things I've purchased for organising and how many times I've changed my room. I just can't seem to get it right. I don't seem to have this problem with any other room of my house. It may be because I've purchased to many scrap goodies.


Not sure even reading that book can help my "organized chaos" but I would love to give it a shot!!!

Sandy #1781

Oh, I've seen some of the ideas in this book and they are great! I love that there are options for each item or catagorie (ie: more than one way to store ribbon). My room has improved a lot, but I still have stuff on the floor, shelves that are overflowing to the floor, and items I just can't figure out how to store. I'd love to have a book full of ideas! Thanks for the chance.
Sandy, Fiskateer #1781


this would be of great help to arrange my scrap room, as its in a mess and i need some help arranging it.


I would love to win a RAK from you and if I would win, I RAK the book back to you and I would like some Aussie things!!! Sice I doubt I will ever get the chance to visit you, I would love some "native" things :=) Have a great crop!!!
Turtlelady #1715


I would love this book for christmas because, well, have you seen my space LOL I so need to get organised


I NEED this book LOL Every time I 'think' my scrapping space is organised I turn around and there's clutter... what's a girl to do???


What a handy book that would be!
It's organising the little things that causes me a fair bit of stress.....Just what can you do with them???

Tara Capewell

What a cute book! Boy I would love it!
I need all the help i can get with my craft supplies. My spare bedroom always looks like a bomb has hit it. There is a picture if it in my blog. I took it for one of my pics in the challange. osirisandloki.blogspot.com
:) tara xx

Christine C

I need this book, I have been trying to tidy my craft room for over a year and it still doesn't seem to work for me, I need help...


Anything that could help me sort out my stash would be great, as my scrap space is the living room floor once the baba is in bed.


I would like this book cos i like seeing how others seem to do the impossible!

Lee Mills

Well who wouldn't want a yummy scrummy book like that!!!! Would make a great Chrissy pressie also for a friend of mine who is desperate to get started into the world of scrapping but a little overwhelmed by all the 'stuff' she has begun collecting and isn't sure what to do with! Lee x


I would love to get some storage ideas.. my scrap is never organised and I'm sick of stuff being all over the floor LOL

Tonya aka TJCraftyWitch #1432

Because I am always having to rearrange my craftroom, to accomadate more stuff. To go through older stuff. Or because we moved and I have a new room or an area only to call my own. My DH is trying to boot me and mom out of the craft room and into an area around the furnace and hot water tank. Tried to tell him this would so not work, because of the humidity, plus the potential diseaster for water tank bursting, washer leaking, and goodness knows what else. Need ideas.


I only have a tiny area so definitely need this book! Thanks for the chance to win it! :D

Kelly Muir

What inspriation! I am always on the lookout on ways to reorganise, redisplay, refit, my scrap space and any info is great info! I always find when I have a good old clean up or clean out i find things that I never knew i had (dont we all) and well the juices just flowing again!

liz Hicks

I don't have a scrap room I have a dining table and an old pantry cupboard in the hall. I use all the ideas I can get my hands on to store my products in a creative way. Lol xx This book would be a godsend.


What a awesome book to win.
I would find this book so much help, to be able to organise my scrap area so that I can find things that I brought last month would be bliss.


I don't have a scrapbooking room (insert sad face)......so at the moment I have scrapbooking stuff in the lounge/dinning room, in my bedroom, and covering half of the kitchen bench! Sooo, I need some help to organise my 'stuff'..........please.

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