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November 30, 2008


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Christine C

Well I am hoping for a scallop circle squeeze punch, I think I am in love, lol.

Lyn Dwyer

Great RAK Lee.......please don't put me in this.....but top of my wishlist is that "Tim" arrives home safely from London on December 22nd.......can't wait to pick him up from Melbourne Airport....woohoo...just in time for Christmas!


Super cute mini album!!! Top of my wishlist this year would be a job for hubby!!! Then I could afford to buy the scrappy things that are also on my list!


Hi Lee
This year I am hoping for a diary so that I can keep track of my family's hectic schedule...and I would schedule myself a little crafting time too!


Hi this year I am hoping to spend more time with family and friends (hint hint). The xmas tree is beautiful xoxo

Leanne Love

Hi chickadee, awesome little tree, well done. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is for us to have a day peace and happiness. It is going to be our first Christmas just the four of us so will be very weird......

PS see you in a few sleeps at Heidi

Anna D

There isn't really anything on my Christmas wishlist this year. I just want to enjoy the festive season with family and friends.


I'm rather content with what I have at the moment. If a ScorPal landed under my tree I wouldn't mind though! :)

Kerri fiskateer #1017

loving the mini album, wish i could do something sooo cute like that :) love it ! well done! besides being out of debt, i wish to have....a stamp press. maybe the kids asleep in their beds this year, instead of camping out by the couch ! ok, that's a dream LOL


up until yesterday it was relatively light: italy lonely planet guide (we're going there next year); get smart dvd; sarah kate lynch's latest book, and as of yesterday (when i finally got sick of shooting video on my point and shoot and saw a REALLY cool camcorder in the front row) - a camcorder!!!

i've just read the other comments and feel horribly greedy now, but you asked!!!

cool RAK

Lee Wright

Great website. I cam across you because l googled the fiskars sale next weekend in Port Melbourne.For Christmas l'd like time. Time to take photos of my family enjoying themselves and then time to scrap the photos in my new craft studio that my partner has just finished building for me....Merry Christmas to all and a safe and happy new year :>]

Abbey S

Some beautiful covered albums to house my ever growing pile of completed layouts would be nice!
i would love to have them displayed where I can look through them.


Gorgeous album, love it :)
Top of my wish list would be good health and lots of happiness for my whole family ;)


Love the cute little Christmas Tree album.

Any scrappy goodness that comes my way is always nice especially since no one else buys it for me. lol

On the top of my wish list would be a better health year my family & for myself.

Dragonlass #4356

Awesome album
my christmas wish is for my best friend's cancer to stay in remission.

joanne  h

probably stuff for my scrapping stash, but really i just got a new camera for my birthday a few weeks ago, so am very happy with just that .

Louise B

My Christmas wish for hubby is to find employment and for me- a Cuttlebug!


My biggest wish this year is to be home from hospital to spend Christmas with my family. That would be better than any present but some of the Reagan's Closet range would make a brilliant surprize if I'm lucky.


This is such a pretty album Lee, just wonderful.
My Christmas wish is, I hope we have a wonderful Christmas for everyone, and lots of good health and happiness in 2009.



A digital frame - I am running out of space to put photos around the house :o)


My Christmas wish is for my brother and sister-in-law to be with us.
I LOVE Heidi Grace products. She's my favorite designer at the moment.

Lee Mills

That mini album is way too cute xx My wish is for my family to have an enjoyable Christmas together - we have been apart for a few months (work transfer) and will be reunited just before christmas - we are off on a family holiday - yay - thats all I want for christmas xxx


What a cutie!Mini albums are my alltime favourite!

Christmas wishlist: Time....to spend with loved ones, to finish off the pile of UFO's, to scrap, scrap, scrap. Oh - did I forget the decent digital camera??


Wow ! The Christmas Tree album is very cute.
My wish for Christmas is peace for the world. I feel we are slipping further and further away from this, and it would be truly wonderful for everyone to live happy peaceful lives together !


My wish this Christmas is to be able to have my own scrap store here in our area. If not that then more scrapping goodies to play with. :) an organized scrap area too! :)

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