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March 26, 2009


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Lyn Dwyer

Oh Annette....this is wonderful....I so need to do one of these......ok....I'm in......what glue are you using?


woohoo good for you Lyn, just white craft glue (Let you in on a little secret, probably not something i should advertise but i buy Selleys white PVA glue, the type you use for sticking wood and stuff)I buy it in i think it is a 4 litre bottle and put it into an old sauce bottle to use)Its what we used to use at the bookbinders i worked at!! Works brilliantly ;0)

Lyn Dwyer

ok.......I'll see what I can find here at home that will do the same thing.....sure I have something in my stash......LOL!

Dawn Stan

I'm in as well. Might have a go at making one of these today.


Great Dawn!! I also had a lovely email from a lady by the name of Debbie J, who will be joining us too. :0) I'm on school tuckshop today so might be a little late posting the next lot of instructions - they are just about finished, lol!! Have fun girls ;0)

Lyn Dwyer

Don't hurry back Annette....I'm still looking for some glue in my stash..........LOL!

Think it's time to clean up a bit....ROTFL!

Dawn Stan

Well I have just finished gluing my papers. Off to cut out my mats.

Robyn W

ok so i have my papers ready...lol


Thats a start Robyn lol!! The instructions aren't going anywhere!! They will wait for you, come on give it a go, photos start tomorrow, make your album as you go along ;0)A

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