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April 22, 2009


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sorry ladies- the site obviously couldn't cope wiht my font that I used to write the little section beginning... so do you like my font. It was actually in my handwriting ini the drafts but reverted back to the other font when published - sorry :)

Lyn Dwyer

WOW Mishell....lots of fabulous ideas for Journaling!

Love all the layout shares....just gorgeous and so inspiring.....TFS!


I agree Mishell, these look great, i've always wondered about those font sites but have never looked any further, will have to do some investigating i think :0). And after reading your post, i have discovered that in my journaling layout i have spelt "journaling" wrong!! I put double l, darn!!! The handwriting is a great idea, i think i will get Maddison to do it for her photo a day album :0) tfs


brilliant post mishell! love your layouts, they are so cool and funky!


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