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July 24, 2009


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Donna Parsley

If my kid would be asked by her teacher to design an emptied jar for a school project, I'd probably help her with this! It's a simple, yet creative design. It would be also a perfect display in the living room with our family photo attached. Thanks for sharing! :)


I highlighted this cute craft on my little blog at http://wadelmat.blogspot.com/


LOVE this...where did you find your large jar? It is the perfect size! Thanks for sharing :)


Such a great idea. This is so cute!!


i love this, would like to know where to get the large jar, please.
Thanks Rhonda

Lyn Dwyer

not too sure where Lisa purchased her jar...but here in Australia you can get them from the REJECT SHOP.....also some CRAFT STORES.....and HOMEWARES STORES


Very nice, bravo Sylvie France Maintenon

Jennifer Savage

LOVE this idea. It's exactly what I had in mind after our beach vacation this summer. However, I am having a hard time finding a jar this size or big enough to do this project. So far, all I have found are taller/skinnier jars. Would love to know where the jar came from.

Jennifer Savage

I found the jar today at Container Store :) http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10007363&N=&Ntt=jar


What size jar did you end up getting at The Container Store??

Jennifer Savage

I got the mid-size jar, which is what I think she may have used here, but I am going to have to print very small pictures (haven't done that yet). I did the starfish last night and used the 4.5-inch square because I made the 3-inch first, and it was way too small. HTH!


i purchased the jar at walmart in the housewares dept. it was the same jar 3.97


Very unique. I'm bored of the typical photo album. Even the digital ones are kinda lame. I love how your able to come out with unique ways to show off your family photos.


genial - biz et kenavo

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