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December 31, 2009


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I love Hubby cooking dinner on his "Man Oven" aka BBQ, spending time with the kids and reading in the warm outside weather


I have loved that my hubby is on holidays. I also love that a cold glass of water has never tasted so good. And watching my little man play at Rocks River Park in Brisbane was priceless.


I love the long summer evenings and walking in the evenings along the beach enjoying the summer breeze.


I love the fresh clean smell of early summer mornings, the 'extra' time at the end of the day to enjoy being outside. The simpler meals of bbq meat and salad, time for friends and family.


Summer...one word. Ice Cream! and no guilt about wanting to eat it..in winter it's always " It's too cold for ice cream!"

Fiskateer #1485

Shannon White #6394

Swimming! I love to swim and if i had a pool i would be in it everyday.


My favourite thing about summer is being able to get rid of the jeans and get back into shorts and strappy dresses and not to mention thongs! I love being able to dress lighter!!

Christine C

Berries, berries, berries - I just can't get enough of them. Summer means fresh yummy berries. :)


I love having BBQs, especially as my DH does the cooking on it!

Love daylight saving, and being able to go for a nice walk in the evening when it's cooler too.


Summer means Christmas and spending time with my daughter, son inlaw, and grandsons from interstate. I cherish this time which sadly came to an end this morning when they headed back home.


Hi Dawn - don't include me in the RAK but just wanted to share that I love the summer evenings and the chance to take a comfy stroll at the end of long hot days :)
It is also an extra fun family time, as with the school holidays, we get the chance to see our neice and nephews more often too :o)

Robyn Wood

Summer fruits, long days, mornings without alarms, books galore, BBQ's and days at the beach are some of my favourite Summer things. Robyn

Kelly Sas

Fishing! I love going to our lake house in the summer and all the activities with it... laying an inflatable raft floating in the lake, pontoon boat rides, fishing, sitting around the fire in the evening, falling asleep in the hammock that is tied up between two huge oak trees.....

Susie #6652

Summer brings to mind.....fresh corn on the cob at the barbques held at Puddle Park - a free sprinkler park for kids in the county park. mmmmm....


I love the fact that it's the school holidays and there's no rushing about in the morning (I can stay in my P.J.s until I'm actually fully awake!) and no 3pm deadline for everything. No kids' bedtime at 7.30pm on the dot. If we want to wander to the dairy to get an icecream after tea, we can!


I love catching up with family and friends, BBQ's, swimming, board games and lazy days...I think I'll go and sit in the garden and read my novel right now!

Nicola C

BBQ's with family, like the one we just enjoyed tonight!

joanne h

i just love the lazy days of summer,


for me it is eating outside...almost right off the bbq.....ahhhh who needs plates!!!!


summer means water fights with the kids & drying out on the trampoline with ice blocks and homemade slushies:)

Colleen Murray  #5163

I wish I could say the heat, but it's been really cold here in Dunedin! However, daylight savings brings with it the lovely long evenings and the extra time to go for a walk, a bike ride or get into the garden.

kathy s

The energy to do what I want- the warm weather seems to invigorate me- in winter i want to hibernate and veg in summer i want to get out there and do whatever i feel like whenever i feel like. And the fresh fruit and veg available in summer is so much sweeter than those any other time of the year


I love how the heat of the summer's day is quenched by an afternoon storm. Nothing better than sitting with a cold beer and watching the lightening (and trying to get photos - usually unsucessfully)

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