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June 01, 2010


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kathy s

Glad to hear you have oined U3A - I'm a member/tutor for Cranbourne it's a great group to be involved with. It doesn't really feel like winter with the sun shining but the air is very, very fresh- a few friends are getting together this afternoon for a cuppa and chat catch up and hopefully will be doing some crafting this evening.

Debbie #4668

It sounds a bit strange to hear you talk about the first day of Winter while we so patiently waiting for Spring to arrive.
It is so very hot and humid here that it is causing some thunder rumbles. Just trying to stay cool today. Enjoy the last of your fall colours.

Marianne Brinkley


Sounds like you are having a beautiful start to your winter. Sounds great! I still have a few hours of May left. But it, like all of the other months, have gone by quickly!

Good for you for getting back to your table tennis! It is always fun to get back to something you loved doing. I'm sure you will get right back in the swing of things. Have fun!

Marianne #6701

Shannon White

Well while your winter is starting, our summer (here in Ohio, USA) has kicked off and all I can say is thank heavens because I was so sick of the cold! I hear your winters aren't too bad down there. what kind of fun things do you all do in the winter time?? I hope to one day travel there someday. I've got family in Perth. Well anyways, Enjoy your winter!!!!

marla H.

It does sound very strange to be talking about the first day of winter when we havent even had summer here yet!!!

Lyn Dwyer

Shannon....we are a football family so we love following the AFL here each WINTER......having 4 boys there is always one of them playing ...this year we only have Tim playing in the local football....but we love going and socialising with all the players and families....

WINTER is also a great time to stay indoors and craft......something I love to do when I can....and we have the Coonara Heater burning away....love that also.
We also try and get some things done around the house during WINTER months....maintenance stuff....

Now we have a grandson...baby sitting is alos on the agenda.....and we love spending time with Sam


It is a bit cold and cloudy over our side of the bay Lyn
but the sun is trying to peek out and warm us up.

Good on you for joining your walking group and the table tennis will be heaps of fun, with the added bonus of being good health & good company. Isn't it a small world - we may have crossed paths many years ago, as I used to play badminton at Albert Park while I was studying at RMIT :)

Only a bit of crafting so far today, not long finished punching out a bundle of flowers to ink & fold for some birthday cards. ... off to the Dr's this afternoon and hopefully some inspiration for my photo-a-day on the drive home!

Ashley Keller

It feels like we're still stuck in winter here (Oregon, USA) even though it's June 1! Went camping with some friends in the eastern part of the state where we were told it never rains... and we got rained on for two days! Hopefully the seasons will straighten themselves out so that we can finally get some sun. In the meantime I have some very interesting (and muddy) camping pictures to add to my scrapbook. Enjoy your walks!


It took a while for the sun to come through here today, but when it did I was out for my daily walk too.....a bit fresh though! I'm enjoying some alone time today, I seem to have been on the go for the last week so it's good to have some 'me' time. I even found time to practice my Tai Chi this afternoon.

Christine C

Winter has surely arrived here in NZ - it has rained almost non-stop all day, luckily I was at work so it didn't matter too much.
I have also been admiring the tree colours lately - they are just amazing.

Good on you for getting back into table tennis, it is a fun sport.

Off to cook some soup - a good winter's night meal.


I am also a U3A member, I have been to my U3A calligraphy class today. I like to practise my writing on my cards that I make. It has been a lovely sunny day my 3 year old grandson and I went for a walk this morning. Very special as he and his baby brother and my daughter live in Sydney.

Lyn Dwyer

Lovelyt to read through to see what you are all up to today and nice to see others are involved in their local U3A......fabulous...

I'm off to my first Zumba lesson tomorrow with my best friend Rosemary....should be a laugh a minute.....LOL!


Today I am sorting out stuff for starting university in September. Hoping to fit in some crafting time once I'm finished though :)

Melodi Dulyea

Wow winter.We are justgetting ready for summer.


I always have to laugh when you talk winter when we are finally enjoying our spring & warm weather. Our winter is just way too long & summer's are too short. We've been enjoying some beautiful weather & living a couple of blocks from the beach (I live right on Lake Erie) we also end up with all the tourists coming to town on weekends. Anymore our town just doesn't seem big enough for all those coming to the beach. We just don't have enough places to park anymore. I'll be shoveling sand while your shoveling snow. lol


We have rain here, but hope it lets up so we can go 4 wheeling into the park.


we have a lot of wet weather here in Manitoba Can. we could use a couple of hot days thanks for the chance to win


We are having a beautiful sunny spring day after a week of wind and rain. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Massman

It is a pretty nice day (80s) here in Jefferson City, Missouri! Thanks for a chance to win a border punch--love them!


LOL WINTER!!! I'm still waiting for out hot sunny summer to arrive!!! :) But I guess..."enjoy the snow!" LOL thanks for the chance. :)


Boy, I could use some of that winter weather here in New Orleans, but I'm sure you know that by now. Thanks for the step into winter if only for a minute. Happy Winter to you!


I too have been enjoying some winter walks. I've never had the courage to join a walking group though as I'm afraid I wont be able to keep up.

I have a Fiskars question for you: How do you know when to change the cutting bar on your trimmer? I switched mine today as the edges of my cardstock wasn't looking too great.

Lyn Dwyer

Brooke.....you'll know when to change the cutting bar....once the paper/cardstock doesn't cut through properly.....if you swap over...you should see a difference straight away....

Hope that helps..


Lee Mills

Hi Lyn,
I ALSO did some exercise today! I meet up every Wednesday morning with a group of lovely girls and 'get tortured' (just kidding I do enjoy it really) by a personal trainer....it was such a beautiful morning (after all the wicked weather and rain we have had) it was definitely time to catch up with a few of the girls after for a chat and a cuppa (after all the housework will still be there on my return..LOL) x Happy Winter to you x

Lyn Dwyer

I have drawn a random winner....and it was number "24".....so it's Lee Mills....congrats Lee.....can you pleaes email through your contact details asap...

thanks everyone for playing along...loved reading back through all the comments....


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