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June 26, 2011


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Debbie C

Okay Lyn I need to know if that is the tag for just for your suitcase full of shoes!! or just to remind you which bag your shoes are in...lol
It is very cute. Your just tooo excited for this trip!

Lisa C

That tag is very cute Lyn! Are you going to seal it so it doesn't get damaged?

Lyn Dwyer

Hey Debbie,,,,

Tag is for my suitcase.....l'm only taking one...but may come back with 2.... a girl has to shop right?...LOL!

Lisa....no...not sealing it....that's like too much effort....LOL! if it damages...so be it...will just have to make another one....he,he. We have been given a couple of travel tags from Scenic Tour which we have to use in CANADA and ALASKA whilst we are travelling with them...so this tag will only be used for International travel...eg...Aus - NZ, NZ - HONOLULU, HONOLULU - CANADA, FAIRBANKS - SAN FRANSISCO, etc.etc.

Anna Kluytmans

I love your tags Lyn,you are so clever!! you will be able spot them a mile away, that will make things a little quicker at pick up point.

tracey street

thats a nice tag
and a brilliant prize to win

Christine Cleary

OMG I love that shoe tag - just fab. Your suitcase should be easy to spot with that attached.
PS I love the etc etc at the end of your list of flights - lucky thing.
And yes you will have to bring back another suitcase and I bet it will be full of crafty goodness that you can't get in Oz.
Have a wonderful trip and take loads of photos to share with us when you get back.


Pretty tags Lyn - it will be very easy to
pick your luggage out on the carousel!!!
Hope you have made some spares for the extra
cases you will need for the trip home :)


Oh my goodness.....lovely tag!!!!!!


What a wonderful holiday RAK you're offering! There are so many great ideas! I hope you have a wonderful trip to the states!!! It's coming up very quickly now!!

Lyn Dwyer

yes....that's the idea of the bright tag......easy to spot .....LOL! ....and hopefully no one else will want it....especially not any men in the airports.....ROTFL!!

Jill McAllister

OMG What a great way to advertise your fab products. Only wish I could afford a holiday like that to create some fab tags like that.Enjoy your trip.

Anna Kluytmans

I loved the video of the circle cutter you had on today, it looks so easy to use!! another great tool to have, just under 2 weeks to go, you must be getting very excited, have a great time.

Glennis F

Great luggage tags - I would never have thought to do that

Lyn Dwyer

Anna...yes very excited....

I'll be drawing the winners tonight Aus time....announced on here late.....shall be going through the comments left and adding names to the draw....

Good luck all!!

Lyn Dwyer

ok....winners have been announced.....they are :

Tracy Maloney - HG Beyond the Sea paper Kit

Dot - Stamp Factory

Christine Cleary - HG Beyone the Sea Paper Kit

Sandy Fiskateer # 1781 - Stamp Set

Congratulations to you all and thanks for playing along......please email your postal details to me asap so I can post out before I head off on holiday.

Sandy #1781

Wow! Thank You Lyn! I love the Christmas stamp set and love visiting both your blog, and the Fiskars Craft Team blog. Woo Hoo!

Your luggage tags are wonderful! I truly hope they make the entire journey with little wear and tear (you need a little to help tell the story - LOL!). I can't wait to see pictures, I know you will have fun!

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