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October 31, 2011


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Tara Capewell

Hey There Lyn, Every Year we all have a HUGE halloween party and have all our friends over. usually we have 20-30 kids running riot in our yard. we have bobbing for apples spooky pinata. and every one including all the parents dress up as we tend to have a theme every year. this year we could not have our party on halloween so we are having it in november and it will be called the nighmare before xmas!


We dont' do Halloween, we do Trunk or Treat. Every year our church has a trunk or treat celebration where you decorate your trunk and pass out candy. This year, my son, husband and I did the carmel apples booth.

Lyn Dwyer

Ooh Tara....sounds like such fun......make sure you share some pics with us after the event.......

Dot......Trunk or Treat sounds like such fun also......caramel apples....yum!!


Sounds like you have fun Halloween events Tara and Dot!!!

All has been quiet in our neighbourhood tonight, sadly no Treaters and luckily no Trickers.

... I hope I can resist temptation and keep all the snack-sized treats we had ready in case we had any little doorknockers safe until our nieces and nephews next visit :)


We actually go camping for Halloween. The campground has all kinds of activites planned for the kids. They have a pumpkin carving contest, bingo, coloring contest, costume contest, trick or treating etc. The campground is always packed and the kids have TONS of fun!!!!!
Even in the snow...LOL!

Lyn Dwyer

Tracy....it was quiet here yesterday as well.....no tricks or treats this year....we don't have many young children in our road any more....

Lindy............camping sounds like a whole heap of fun.....we did the camping thing when our 4 boys were younger....it's great fun isn't it...pumpkin carving would be something my boys would love

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