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October 21, 2011


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Debbie C. #4668

Love your scissor display Deb. Like the old saying a girl can never have too many shoes, well a crafter can never have too many scissors.

debbie B

thanks Debbie
very true very true.... I have to catch up on the shoes though.... I have 3 pairs of winter and 2 pairs of summer shoes.... hmmmm


LOL yup definitely a lot of scissors. but it's funny how often there aren't any around just when u need them! one can definitely NEVER have enough! :)

Debbie B

Lol so true!

Marianne (Fiskateer 6701)

I think a Fiskateer can never have too many scissors! It just is not possible!

Philippa Godinho

Glad you liked the Fiskars gifts! Let me know how the mat goes. I think it's a lovely mat to cut on - and it's fully recyclable when it gets to the end of its life - which will be a long way off, given the quality of our products (no apologies for the shameless promotion of our products!!).

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