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August 29, 2012


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Toni Hanegraaf

Lyn it is great to see all your photos and the way you discribe your holidays keep me looking forward to the next story. you have a way with words. keep sending in about your holidays "LOVE IT"

Kathy S #6265

Lyn these are great pics- so would love to visit all these craft shops and things- it all looks so pretty thanks for sharing and keep it coming

TracyM #6773

Great photos and great commentary Lyn!!!

I am thoroughly enjoying our travels with you & Rod and look forward to our next stopover along the way :)

PS - it is wonderful to have a real German clock, many years ago we bought one when visiting Hahndorf, the German settlement in SA. When we moved we didn't have enough wall space, so now my Dad the clock collector is now enjoying it.

Lyn Dwyer

Toni and Kathy...thank you...glad you are enjoying my crafty adventures from EUROPE.

Tracy....glad you are also enjoying these posts.....yes...the German Clocks are sooooooooooo well made.....they are made to last.....as you know we have a large Cuckoo Clock in our family room....but the NEW Cuckoolino Clock is hanging in the kitchen...at least we get warning that it's going to go off...as the little bird sings first.....LOL!

Jean A Marmo

Oh - I loved Rothenburg when I was there as a freshman in high school - a long time ago!!! What a fun trip!

Lyn Dwyer

Jean......it really was an interesting old town to visit....we loved it there..


Loved the Kathe Wohlfarhte shoppes there. Went to them in a few spots in Germany; Garmische-Partenkirchen and Ramstein. I've bought quite a few things and many ornaments from that store. Glad you had fun there too.

Lyn Dwyer

Rhonda...aren't they amazing stores to be in.....we went into the ones in Rothenburg,Bamburg,Rudesheim and one more....can't remember where....LOL!


I love the story as much as I love the cuckoo clock you've shown. I think it's perfect in our wooden house.xo I better buy one one of these days. Thanks darling!

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