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October 15, 2012


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Beryl    #7212

Please, pretty please can you send me a pretty pink cupcake????? I just love the colour & the little pink hearts & I bet they taste yummy too!!!! So I volunteer to be the taster!!

TracyM #6773

Oh, your test run looks so pretty and tasty too Lyn :)

TracyM #6773

PS - if you still have that window cleaning urge, you are more than welcome to come and do mine :)

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Produce own cake? so cute pink color.

Anna. #7612

Lyn. Your cup cakes look realy yummy.

Kathy S #6265

bet these cakes taste as good as they look. still snipping away. I have a garden and windows that need attention as well Lyn if your interested ;)- I'd rather craft (in pink.)


Cute little cupcakes, looking forward to monday

Lyn Dwyer

Beryl.....not sure they would travel safely across the sea ....LOL!

Tracy and Kathy....OMG....it takes me that long to clean our windows....there's no way I'm cleaning yours as well.....LOL! and hey Kathy....I'd rather craft in PINK too....he,he.

They passed the taste test.....so don't worry we won't poison you lot next Monday....he,he.

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