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November 12, 2012


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Kathy S #6265

would love to see the finished project and thanks for the inspiration to get out my rotating mat again -haven't used it for a while. and yes I NEED to clean up my craft space- during Christmas holidays IT WILL HAPPEN

TracyM #6773

I ALWAYS find long lost treasures when searching my stash, so I'm hoping you had fun finding some in yours Lyn :)

Your dear deer is going to look delightful in purple!!!


Look forward to seeing the finished project. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with bits saved from other projects - just in case!

Sandy #1781

I was leaning toward the purples too, as I started reading the post. I'm looking forward to the finish Lyn. I know it will be great!

You know you have too much stash when.... the fire marshall fines your business for having too many boxes in an attic space and they are all fabric. (This happened last week to my brother because Mom was using the attic space for her fabric stash - over 100 boxes).

Don't let this happen to you Lyn.

Lyn Dwyer

nearly finished altering him with material scraps....just one leg to go......and then need to add some ribbons and bells....picked up some silver bells today on my way down to pick up SAM.....we have him here for an overnight stay.....maybe I can get him to help me finish the reindeer leg.....LOL! After all....I had him finger painting tonight.....he absoluely loved it....nothing much this 3 year old can't do.....LOL!

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