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March 06, 2013


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TracyM #6773

Such sad news - my mornings will not be the same without my breakfast visits filled with crafty inspiration.

Sending a big THANK YOU to Lyn, Debbie and ALL the Fiskars Team for sharing their projects and adventures with us - I will miss you all!!!


Sad to see it go, thank you to all the contributors over the years, you've provided fun, frivolity, handy tips & inspiration for us all.


Like everything that is good you decide to can it. NOT HAPPY

Dawn Stan

Sorry to hear that Fiskars Australia blog is closing. I enjoyed my time working with Fiskars from the early years in Australia. I worked for over ten years in various roles including lead ambassador alongside Lyn Dwyer for many years, craft shows, instore demonstrations and so much more alongside with our NZ and USA ambassadors. So sad to see it end. Thank you to all the Fiskars followers over the years. I'm proud to have been a part of the beginning of this website. All the best to all.

Jacky McLeod

: (


What a pity - I really enjoyed my visits. Byt.. thanks for all you have done - it is has been appreciated.


What will I do now too kick start my mojo????? Like TracyM my morning will not be the same. Sad & sorry to see it coming to an end. Thank you Lyn, Debbie & everyone else for all the wonderful work that you have done, will miss you!

Christine c

Oh no, just as I am starting to get some time back to craft this happens, very sad. Where will we go now to find out the latest Fiskars news;(. I much prefered the local blog than the Fiskateer site as it was just thst - local.
Thanks to Lyn for her hard work and to the others who made the blog such a good read.

Kathy S #6265

I am so sad about this news- like all the others I look forward to reading not only about Fiskars products and creations but comunicating with others who have a similar interest. I will miss this blog because I don't do any of the other mediums of communication and I also know a lot who check in to this blog for that side of communication to keep in touch with others. Thanks Lyn and Tracy and Debbie and all the others not only for their inspiration,friendship but also their support - I think it is a BIG mistake closing this blog but thats my opinion only. I hope you have a back up because I am still in love with Fiskars products and will need inspiration from somewhere and I would love to be able to keep in touch with everyone in this crafting industry.


Sorry to hear this will no longer be. I haven't followed for as long as some others, but I do enjoy the posts. I have even been lucky enough to win some fab prizes from here too which I truely appreciate. I too only recently recommended this blog to others.
I have on occasion visited the fiskateer site - but find I like the local feel of here better.

TracyM #6773

One dumb question - when you say that it will no longer exist, will the entire history be deleted or will you set it so that no more comments can be made and we can still search and access old projects and posts? ... sure hope it will still be accessible :)

Kathy S #6265

I agree with TracyM- I hope you still make it available for future resources- you have so many who have given so much it would be a crime for all this talent and inspiration to go to waste.

Jo  W

I reiterate TracyM's question. Is this actual site GOING. I love looking at people's projects and ideas. Will the actual "site" still arrive daily or is the WHOLE PROJECT shutting down.

Will there be a site for us untrained newbie's to visit. ???????

Anna 7612

As all the other ladys above say, I too am sorry to see it go, This is the first site I go to when I get on the computer, I will miss it heeps, Thank you to all the lady's that have made this site so lovely and interesting each day!!! Cheers to all of you. Will miss it, Anna 7612

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